4 Steps To Get Qualified

4 Steps To Get Qualified

It’s easy to get approved for an auto loan at Auto Market of Florida
Getting qualified for an auto loan has never been easier than it is at Auto Market of Florida. Everyone is approved for an auto loan through our Buy Here Pay Here program. Getting an auto loan through Auto Market of Florida will also improve your credit. As you make your on-time monthly payments to Auto Market of Florida, we will report those payments to the major credit bureaus to help improve your credit score.

BHPHThe first step in getting an auto loan through Auto Market of Florida is to fill out our online quick approval form. This will allow us to get some basic information from you to get the car buying process started. After receiving your quick approval form, a member of the Auto Market team will reach out to you about what your vehicle needs are, whether you are looking for a dependable work truck, or just looking to upgrade to safer, more reliable vehicle.

After our team member has reached out to you, it’s time to come tour the lot and find the vehicle you’re looking for. We keep over 100 vehicles in our inventory, so there is sure to be one that will suit your needs and budget. If you need a ride to the dealership, don’t worry. We will pick you up at no charge. We feature quality used cars of all makes and models, from family cars to American muscle cars. All of our inventory comes with a vehicle history report so you can be sure of what you are purchasing.

When you have picked out your new car, take it for a test drive. See how it handles and get the most out of your test drive. Try to mimic your day-to-day activities on the test drive. If you typically drive a lot of highway miles, make sure your test drive includes a hop on the interstate. If you drive in areas with a lot of traffic, make sure you also try them out in your potential new car. Make sure the car is comfortable and has enough room for you and your family and will suit your needs. If you are not that experienced with cars, bring a friend along that knows what to look for.

With the test drive done and your new car picked out, it’s time to go over your financing options. We work with many banks and credit unions to get you the auto loan you need. We are eager to find the right financing option for you and offer Buy Here Pay Here financing regardless of your credit history. You can also make your monthly payment online for your convenience.

With the financing done, enjoy your new vehicle! Make your payments on time, and you will see your credit score increase over time. We realize that you have lots of choices when buying a vehicle and we want to make sure that Auto Market of Florida is on the top of your list. Check out our online inventory or stop by for a visit. We look forward to working with you!

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