7 Must-Have Items To Pack On Your Next Road Trip

7 Must-Have Items To Pack On Your Next Road Trip

Thinking of taking a road trip? It’s usually more affordable than other forms of travel. It also provides maximum flexibility because you can stay as long as you please in each location. You can even include unplanned detours to see an attraction you hear about on the way. In addition, seeing the country via a vehicle is an unbeatable way to admire the beautiful and varied scenery. But forgetting to pack something you need can put a damper on your journey, so be sure to bring the must-have items below.

Spare tire1. Spare tire

The first thing to put on your list is a spare tire in good condition. Along with this, pack the tools you’ll need to change a tire, such as a jack and tire iron. Because you could have a blowout in a remote location, Nina Ragusa recommends that before you leave home, you learn how to change a tire.

Owner's manual2. Owner’s manual

Check your glove compartment to see if the owner’s manual is still there. If an unfamiliar indicator light comes on while you’re driving, you’ll be glad to quickly find out what it means and how serious it may be.

3. First-aid kit

First-aid kitA stocked first-aid kit is also important, notes SolvHealth. A road trip often involves hiking in an area where you’re likely to encounter insect bites or scrapes. You never know when having an array of medications and a way to cleanse wounds will come in handy.

4. Water jug

Water jugTake along a water jug, which you can fill up for free at rest stops and state parks. People tend to drink a lot of water when they’re active, and the cost of buying bottled water can add up fast. Also, in case of a car breakdown that involves waiting for help to arrive, you can stay hydrated.

5. Empty gas can

Empty gas canInclude an empty gas can in the truck. A road trip can be so much fun that you forget to watch your gas gauge. If the worst happens and you run out of gas, you can walk to the nearest gas station to fill your can.

6. Toilet paper

Toilet paperToilet paper and plastic bags should also make the list. Roadside gas stations are notorious for running out of this commodity. There’s also the possibility that you’ll have to take care of nature’s call on the road because you can’t find a restroom.

7. Sweaters and raincoats

Sweaters and raincoatsBring clothes for any kind of weather you may encounter. Even in summer, some parts of the country turn cool at night, which would make a warm sweater welcome. If you need to change a tire in the rain, you’ll be happy to have a raincoat and galoshes on hand.

In short, a good way to pack for a road trip is to try to think of anything that might go wrong and plan for it. Packing for all kinds of contingencies can prevent your dream trip from turning into a nightmare.

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