8 Car Maintenance Tips For Spring

8 Car Maintenance Tips For Spring

Now that winter’s chill is waning, you’re likely eager to make a weekend road trip. However, after winter, your car may need a little extra care to restore it to tip-top condition and maximize safety. Most of the checks that experts recommend aren’t time consuming or expensive. Here is a list of car maintenance tips to get you prepared for spring.

Change the oil and oil filter1. Change the oil and oil filter

Scheduling oil changes at intervals advised by your vehicle manual helps the engine run smoothly. As a car runs, the oil picks up impurities, which is beneficial, but after the impurities build up, the oil becomes less effective in protecting the engine. This results in higher fuel consumption and engine damage.

2. Replace the windshield wiper

Once wipers are cracked and torn, they don’t function well. Replacing them will ensure you have good visibility during spring showers. Be sure to refill the wiper fluid, too.

Check the fluids3. Check the fluids

Check the power steering, brake and transmission fluids. If they’re low, have a mechanic examine these systems for leaks before filling the fluids to the top. Follow your car manual’s instructions for how often to flush and replace the fluids.

4. Test the car battery

Test the car batteryWinter’s cooler temperatures force your car battery to work harder, so once spring arrives it may be on its last legs, cautions Firestone Complete Auto Care. Hot weather depletes battery fluid and accelerates corrosion, so to prevent the inconvenience caused by a dead battery, get it tested and replace it if necessary.

5. Check tire pressure and treads

Consult your vehicle manual for the specific pressure per square inch advised for your tires, and maintain the pressure at that level. This is important because changes in temperature may cause tire pressure to rise or fall. Also, check the tire treads, since insufficient depth can cause poor performance in wet weather.

Check tire pressure and treadsInspect air filter6. Inspect air filter

Spring car maintenance includes inspecting your air filter. Dirty air filters have a negative effect on the engine, which can lead to reduced gas mileage. Fortunately, if the filters are clogged, they’re not costly to replace.

7. Check the lighting

Deep clean your headlights and tail lights, and replace the bulbs if needed. If your vehicle’s lighting is dim, other drivers on the road may not see a turn signal or brake lights. This check can prevent an accident.

Repair the windshield8. Repair the windshield

A cracked windshield can also affect safety, and even minor damage may lead to dangers. Once you notice chips and other defects in the windshield, don’t delay to have it replaced or repaired.

Just as seasonal car maintenance involves a thorough checklist, so does picking the right car. Because the dependability of a car is paramount, choose a dealership that offers models with inspections and warranties. In addition, find a dealership that offers affordable vehicles and a broad range of credit options. Auto Market of Florida meets the criteria on the checklist. To learn more, contact us today.