Five Essential Things To Do After A car accident

Five Essential Things To Do After A car accident

If you drive, you need a car accident checklist. Car accidents are a realistic part of driving, and the more you’re on the road, the more car accidents become unavoidable.

When you’re not prepared for a car accident, having one can be stressful and lead to unnecessary mistakes that could result in you being liable for damages and injuries. Liability can lead to a higher insurance rate in the future.

Overall, not being prepared can make an often simple and straightforward resolution process exhausting and time-consuming.

So to avoid all this, let’s discuss what you need in your car accident checklist that will get you back on the road with no worries.

Top five things you must do after a car accident

Take note of these items so that in the event you end up in an accident, you won’t panic. Instead, you’ll have confidence you can stay safe and protect yourself from liability.

Make sure you and everyone involved are okay

This includes the other party. Check for injuries, major or minor. If anyone has a serious injury, call 911 right away. Don’t move the injured person if possible. Avoid moving your vehicle too, unless you need to for safety. Turn on your emergency lights, or signal there’s an accident with light flares.

Contact the police department

In many states, you’re required to contact the police after a car accident, no matter the severity. An advantage of doing so is that the police can provide you with a report to give to your insurance company for the claims process.

Take photos or videos of the damage

The more evidence you document, the more easily your insurance company can determine liability and complete the claims process. Capture any damage to the vehicles involved and the accident site. Include any debris or marks on the road. Also, take a photo of the other party’s license plate. Additionally, it’s helpful to document everything you observed about the accident for insurance purposes.

Get important information from the other party

It’s best to limit your interaction with the other party. But if you do approach them, don’t admit fault or blame them for the accident. Stick to the facts and exchange personal information, such as the following:

  • Name.
  • Phone number.
  • License number.
  • Insurance information (company and policy number).

If there are witnesses, make sure you get their contact information too.

Contact your insurance company

Do this after you know everyone is safe and have contacted the police. If possible, contact your insurance company at the accident site. It may even be beneficial to do so because they’ll tell you exactly what information to document. They can also start the claims process immediately.

Another crucial consideration after a car accident

Your vehicle may need serious repair. In some cases, you might need a new vehicle. Your insurance company can help you assess the damage, but you’ll need a reliable auto store to get you back on the road.

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