Must-have Items for Your Car Tailgating Kit

Must-have Items for Your Car Tailgating Kit

Celebrating a sports game with family and friends is always fun, but there’s no denying it’s more enjoyable on the road with the right car tailgating kit. Not only can you be right where the action is, but you can feel like you’re at home with these five essentials that make cheering for your team better.

Five must-have items for your car tailgating kit

After you’ve chosen the perfect vehicle to enjoy your tailgating party, gather the following items to keep the excitement going.

1. Disposable utensils

Avoid hauling back tons of dirty dishes to clean after you’ve worn yourself out cheering for your team. Grab some disposable utensils, cups and plates. If you find serving items, such as tongs, spatulas and large spoons, bring those as well. Only bring permanent kitchenware if you can’t find disposable versions to minimize cleanup.

2. Portable cooler

Definitely bring a cooler. Bring two if you plan to grill food so you can store drinks in one, and food in the other. Be sure to keep raw meat separate from any foods that won’t be cooked. Consider a cooler with wheels and handles for easy movement from vehicle to final destination. And make sure the coolers are stocked with ice right before you hit the road to ensure drinks are cold by the time people are ready for them.

3. Foldable furniture

Though you can always use the back of your vehicle to sit and enjoy the game, or sit on the ground with a nice blanket, you may appreciate sitting on a chair. So, in addition to large outdoor blankets, grab some foldable chairs. If you’re in a large area, consider a foldable awning, pop-up tents or even a foldable table for more room to eat and stay comfortable.

4. Portable grill

Grilling and sporting events always go together. Bring a small grill that’s easy to pack in the back of your vehicle and move around when you reach your destination. Don’t forget essential grilling supplies, such as a lighter, charcoal and grill tools like tongs, a spatula, knives and a cutting board. For safety, consider a small fire extinguisher.

5. Cleaning supplies

It’s always good practice to leave the area where you tailgate as clean as it was when you arrived. So, bring along some garbage bags, paper towels, sanitizer and wet wipes. Whether you plan to distribute leftover food among family and friends or just bring it home yourself, consider storage containers, foil and small plastic bags. With these items, not only will you walk away from a clean area, but you can keep your vehicle clean too.

Find the right vehicle for your next tailgating gathering

Other things to consider for your car tailgating kit are portable lights, a first aid kit and games. Depending on how long the game will be and the season and location, these items can be valuable.

It’s obvious you need the right items in your car tailgating kit to make the day extraordinary, but don’t overlook another important piece: the vehicle. If you’re not sure if you have the right one, stop by Auto Market of Florida. We have a large variety of vehicles equipped to handle any tailgating kit, from trucks to vans to station wagons.

Contact us today to get the perfect vehicle for your next outdoor sporting event.