Pollen and your paint job

Pollen and your paint job

Everyone looks forward to spring, with flowers blooming and the smell of freshly cut grass in the air. But if you are one of the people who suffer from seasonal allergies, this time of year can be a challenging experience. One of the most common substances that triggers an allergic reaction in humans is pollen grain. Pollen is a fine powder that is airborne and can land just about anywhere, including on and inside your vehicle. Pollen grain is also sticky, and pollen sticking to your car is likely a significant contributor to those spider-web looking scratches you see on your car’s paint job. Here are a few ways you can care for your vehicle this spring and keep pollen from taking over.

Pre-Pollen Care

Before spring arrives, start prepping your car for pollen. Pollen grain can lead to oxidation and discoloration of your paint. The best way to prepare is to get a good exterior wash and wax. Wax will hep prevent future pollen buildup and can help ward off permanent stains caused by pollen.

Pollen Removal Tips

  1. Never wipe pollen off your car with your hand or a dry cloth. This can cause scratches to the paint.
  2. Don’t wait for spring showers to clean your car. A good wash and wax every week by a professional can help eliminate that pollen that is hiding in cracks and crevices.
  3. Keep it clean inside- if you suffer from allergies, pollen particles can easily get into your vehicle through the ventilation system. Spring is a good time to replace your cabin air filter and look into doing a thorough interior detailing.
  4. If you can’t wash, it’s ok to rinse! Sometimes it’s just not possible to get to the carwash weekly. A rinse with the hose is ok, just don’t dry with a towel after. There can still be pollen and dust/dirt particles on the paint that don’t come off with a rinse, and these particles can scratch your car’s finish.

Once pollen season subsides, you can return to your normal wash routine. Until then, following these tips will help keep your car looking great and pollen-free.

Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Car