The Best Cars for College and Teen Drivers

The Best Cars for College and Teen Drivers

Finding a vehicle for college and teen drivers differs from a seasoned driver. Young drivers are excited to have a car they can drive to and from school, work or out on the town with friends. But the thing to look for in a vehicle for college students and teens is its safety capabilities.

Below, we share four top vehicles ideal for college and teen drivers hitting the road for the first time, such as vehicles rating high in dependability, efficiency, and safety.

Top five vehicles to ensure college and teen drivers stay safe on the road

Ideal vehicles for college students and teens will be safe, dependable, fuel-efficient, and low-cost, with enough room to accommodate their lifestyle.

Buick Envision

The 2018 model is rated high for being dependable, safe, and comfortable. It has two options for horsepower, both using a six-speed automatic transmission. With its fuel efficiency anywhere between 22 and 25 mpg, it has low ownership costs, which is essential for young and new drivers with less money. Other features are its touchscreens; optional blind-spot, rear-traffic and forward-collision warnings; and adaptive cruise control.

Ford Flex

Go with 2009 to 2012 models. This vehicle is ideal for young drivers carrying lots of cargo, such as sports equipment or friends. It has seven- to eight-passenger configurations, and the seats can fold away to create more room for large items. A notable feature is its quiet engine in the 2012 or later models. For added safety, it has an AWD configuration, which allows it to handle bad weather, even with regular tires.

Kia Optima

We highly recommend the 2018 model. It’s a sedan with lots of room for your teen’s friends and cargo. With approximately 16 cubic feet of space, it can hold everything a young person needs to take to college or on a spring-break trip. It has three main engine choices and hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions, and it’s fuel-efficient, having a range between 25 and 42 mpg.

Toyota Prius

Models between 2010 and 2014 have a lot of value. This vehicle keeps ownership costs low with its fuel efficiency and has essential standard features, such as climate and cruise control, especially at low trim levels and power windows. It is a hybrid with an electric motor, ideal for city driving.

How to find the right vehicle for your college and teen driver

The best way to find the right vehicle for college and teen drivers is to check review sites and seek out friends and family, especially those of young drivers, for advice on how they found their cars. Another way is to go with dealerships with a reputation for providing top-rated, quality vehicles to drivers.

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