Top Ten Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Mechanic

Top Ten Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Mechanic

When choosing a mechanic, you must ensure you leave your car in the hands of a trusted source. But how do you accurately decide which mechanic is right for you and your car? These ten questions can give you meaningful insight into the level of service you will receive from a mechanic.

What is the average number of years your mechanics have worked in the industry? Finding mechanics with years of experience under their belts is essential. You can trust them to accurately diagnose the repairs needed for your car. Chances are they have come across this exact scenario before. This question may also disclose if the shop has certified technicians who must be retested every five years to maintain their licenses.

Do you perform maintenance on both foreign and domestic models?

Some shops specialize in specific models and subsequently have limited experience with your car’s unique features. Shops that work on both foreign and domestic models are likely to have experience working with a broader array of car types.

Do you keep the tools and parts for my car on hand?

It is more efficient for shops to keep tools and parts on hand for jobs they are frequently required to perform. If the mechanic has the tools and parts you need on hand, they have likely performed similar repairs on another car recently.

What is your average turnaround time for this type of job?

Getting by without your car is challenging! Knowing how quickly the repairs can be made on your vehicle is an essential factor in navigating the logistics of this process.

Do you provide loaners?

If the turnaround time for your car repairs is more than a few days, some shops will provide you with a loaner vehicle to minimize the disruption of your daily life.

Do you provide free cost estimates?

You must know the cost of the work that is about to be performed before making an informed decision. The mechanic should be able to perform a computer diagnostic scan for free and should be able to generate a written quote for you based on the results of this scan.

Do you have the most up-to-date computer analysis for my car?

Most cars can perform a quick diagnosis to determine the precise issue with your vehicle. The mechanic you are visiting will need the most up-to-date version of this software for your car to benefit you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Costs of repairs can quickly accumulate and become burdensome to pay out of pocket. Some shops will work with you to create a payment plan that satisfies both parties.

Can you provide me with customer references?

No one can speak to the quality of service for a particular shop as well as a previous customer. You should do your research before going to the shop. Mechanics will likely show you only the positive reviews they have on hand, less likely to share some negative feedback they have received.

Can you explain to me in simple terms the repairs you will perform?

Understanding the specifics of your repairs can be confusing. The mechanic should be able to explain the repairs to you in simple terms so you know exactly what you are paying for and can make an informed decision about all aspects of the repairs before they are performed.

Choosing a mechanic who is right for you is crucial. Auto Market of Florida will pass the test of these questions and will provide quality service to our customers. Read more about our products and services here.