Ways To Keep Your Car Cool In Florida Heat

Ways To Keep Your Car Cool In Florida Heat

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and we certainly do get a lot of it! Even though it is 93 million miles away, the sun can affect your car in ways you can’t imagine. From the exterior to the interior, all parts of your vehicle are at risk of sun damage. Here are some things you can do to help your vehicle keep cool.


The exterior of your car is very sensitive to intense solar radiation. It can quickly turn a beautiful paint job into a dull, faded eyesore. Washing your car often will help remove dust that can scratch and remove your paint’s luster. To go the extra mile, follow up each wash with a layer of wax. This will serve as a protectant to block harmful rays from reaching your paint.

Additionally, if you can avoid parking in direct sunlight, do it. Utilize whatever shade is available. It can be a tree, a building or, (our favorite) an indoor parking garage.


InteriorTests have shown that the air inside of a vehicle parked in sunlight can reach over 145°F. Even worse, surfaces such as dashboards and leather seats can hit nearly 200°F!

Extremely hot temperatures aside, over time, solar radiation will dry out and crack the leather of your seats entirely. The best way to stop the sun from harming the interior of your car is never to let it in to begin with. Using a windshield sun visor will help the interior keep cool while preventing cracks in the dashboard and any damage to the upholstery.

Sun visors will also make it much more comfortable when you go for a drive on a hot day. Hot leather can cause burns, even through fabric as thick as denim. EngineSeat covers can also help your legs avoid this painful fate and prolong the life of your seats.


Hot weather increases the demand on your engine, making overheating a serious threat. Ask yourself when the last time you checked your oil was. What about your coolant? Without these important fluids, your engine is at risk.

Make sure your oil is at the proper levels. Besides providing lubrication, oil helps remove excess heat from the engine. Coolant quantity should be checked regularly as well since the radiator cannot do its job without it.


TiresProperly inflated tires give you a much safer ride with improved handling and superior gas mileage. During hot weather, they can easily drop below the recommended pressure. Check them fairly often, especially if you spend a lot of time at highway speeds.


Your electrical system undergoes a severe strain in hot weather. From the excess draw of accessories like air conditioning to the effects of heat on your battery, it is a good idea to make sure that these components are functioning properly.

ElectronicsAir conditioning

If the heat makes driving without the air conditioning unbearable, make sure to check the refrigerant charge on a regular basis. If it runs low, your air conditioning system will no longer deliver cold air, which will make you very uncomfortable.

If your car can’t handle the heat, it may be time to look for a cooler ride. At Auto Market of Florida, we have a huge inventory of used vehicles ranging from compact cars, to trucks, to SUVs. We welcome you to stop by and take a look in person.