Ways To Keep Your Car Cool In Hot Climates

Ways To Keep Your Car Cool In Hot Climates

If you live in a warm environment, such as Florida, you know how important it is to keep your car cool. Though you don’t have to worry about the hazards of cold winter weather, driving in the heat and sun has its own unique consequences if you’re not prepared for it.

Ignoring how to keep your car cool in hot weather can harm you, your passengers and your vehicle. For you and your passengers, what should be an enjoyable drive could be uncomfortable, suffocating and sweaty.

For your vehicle, it can damage the engine and destroy the interior, such as the dashboard and seats, by fading and cracking them.

Fortunately, ensuring that your vehicle maintains a cool temperature in a hot climate doesn’t have to be a challenge or a costly expense. There are steps you can take to make sure that every drive is cooler than the weather outside. Here are three ways you can keep your car cool in the Florida heat.

The last thing you want is to leave your vehicle with the sun beating directly on it. This is the fastest way to overheat your vehicle. So, whenever possible, look for a shaded area, preferably near tall buildings, under a tree or even in a parking garage. With your vehicle indoors or in the shade, it will maintain most of its initial temperature when you were driving. Worst case, it won’t increase its temperature by much.

Keep your car cool by cracking your windows

Depending on the location of your parked car and the chance of rain, open your windows an inch or two to keep fresh air circulating through your vehicle. And if you’re waiting in your car, keep your doors open. This will help prevent indoor temperatures from increasing significantly. It will also cool down faster when you start driving, so you may not need to turn the air conditioner on or because there won’t be a lot of hot air to push out.

Invest in window sun shades for your vehicle

These are covers that you place on your windshield and rearview window. There are shades that fit your side windows as well. If you can, invest in customized sun shades for your vehicle.

These shades protect the interior of your vehicle, from your dashboard and steering wheel to your seats and floor. They block direct sunlight and harmful UV rays from entering your car, which can fade and crack your interior. Just as important, they ward off heat, keeping your vehicle at a comfortable temperature.

Find a reliable car for the summer heat

If you’re looking for low-cost ways to keep your car cool instead of always relying on the air conditioner, try out these tips.

And while you enjoy your cool ride in the Florida climate, don’t forget the overall health of your car. Stop by Auto Market of Florida to find a cost-effective, quality vehicle to take you through the heat. We also offer comprehensive services from factory-trained technicians who are the industry’s best. We are here to help with oil changes, transmissions and more.

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